intentional living takes timeA fulfilling life in Christ takes more than just knowing about Jesus. Authenticity in spiritual direction should come from a centered place. We focus our events, trainings and materials on several dimensions of spirituality that have been missed and must be learned before this journey to wholeness is realized.

“This work is really needed in the church today. There is hardly anyone teaching us how to connect with God in a more intimate way. This seminar has done that for me.” ~Mary, professional administrator

“A time away is especially needed by those of us in full time ministry. It gave me a place to hear God in a different way than I hear him at home. I also got a fresh vision for what He has called me to be and do.” ~Tom, youth pastor

“I feel as if I was given real life tools to get into the presence of God and hear what He is sfinding god through silencepeaking to my heart.” ~Melissa, homemaker

“This time away with God is something I now want to incorporate into my life. Even though the silence was difficult at first and I got in touch with my own issues, I see how it can keep me sane and from joining the craziness of my world.” ~Mark, General Contractor

“This retreat caused a peace and silence within I have not experienced in 12 years.” ~Diane, ER nurse

“I knew I needed this seminar the first time I heard about it. I was not at all disappointed but my life has been changed! Hallelujah!” ~Susan, school teacher